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I just found out recently that there is a RPO 1SC which is in essence a "stripper" car. I knew my car was a stripper with its roll up windows and manual everything but had no Idea it was an actual RPO until the other day. And sure enough my car is an actual 1SC which was 5% of the production numbers and one of 517 made in 2000. My car came with one option, rear defroster otherwise shes the lightest of the Fbods :roxor: . Just out of curiosity I took it to the scales wednesday. 3575 with me (204), 1/8th tank gas, and full street trim including spare and jack with zero weight loss measures. I actually have quite a bit of extra weight with the 9 inch with nodular iron center section, much heavier than stock wheels and tires, 3x heavier torque arm, heavier PHR, subframe connectors, and true dual exhaust. So I estimated that before the modifications my car must have weighed in at under 3300 stock :eek: .

It's not like finding a 1969 ZL1 in a barn but its cool to me to find out that I have one of the rarer Camaro's out there 1 of 517 in 2000 ;) . And with just some modest weight removal I can probably get her to 3k even and still retain my AC, radio and back seats.
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NICE!!! get your serial number decoded. it can tell you everything from where it was produced, and what model number.... bet you find that just as interesting.
Cool find. Getting the weight down around 3,000 would be awesome.

What does the car run now in the 1/4?
Actually 1SC is the Base option group.

1SZ is the stripper car, the RPO used in lieu of an option group (1SA, 1SB, 1SC, 1SD)
What does the car run now in the 1/4?
Haven't run it since the latest round of mods. But last time with just ehxaust and a few bolt ons was a wheel spinning [email protected]. I know with DR's I would have been in the 12's even with those 2.73's based on the traps. Getting the car tuned next payday so I can finally run it all out without it cutting off at the factory 118 preset with is now way off due to the 4.11's.

Mine has both on the build sheet 1SC and 1SZ right below it.
Aha, well if 1SZ is present, then it's a stripper car.
Should be nice and light! :)
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