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RS Appearance Package

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RS Appearance Package - available on LT and SS

HID headlamps with "halo ring"
Rear Spoiler (LT only - SS already has it)
20-inch 5-spoke wheel with Midnight Silver paint finish
RS-unique tail lamps
Body-color roof ditch molding
RS badging on driver's side grille and passenger side trunk lid

When combined with SS, SS badging becomes red instead of silver.
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Whats the difference?

The RS V-6 and the SS will almost be impossible to tell apart. WTF:mad: , they are pushing the V-6 a lot harder than the V-8. That is whats wrong with this world.:screwy:
True, but the 20 " wheels being the same and the wing are a bit too similar. Maybe if the SS had chrome wheels and the wing wrapped around on to the rear fenders like the 60"s style.
I agree. The 1200 $ price tag for halo's, darkened tail lights and color matched roof molding is not even in the ball park. I am considering not getting the RS option because i cant justify the price.:angry:
Will the dovetail be available in atomic orange? If it is or just because i want to see it are there good pics of the dovetail? Lets see one.:thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 68 Posts
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