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RS Appearance Package

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RS Appearance Package - available on LT and SS

HID headlamps with "halo ring"
Rear Spoiler (LT only - SS already has it)
20-inch 5-spoke wheel with Midnight Silver paint finish
RS-unique tail lamps
Body-color roof ditch molding
RS badging on driver's side grille and passenger side trunk lid

When combined with SS, SS badging becomes red instead of silver.
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I think the SS guys who choose the RS option are getting jipped because they already paid for the 20 inch wheels and the spoiler. Give them something more....
Perhaps because of that the RS package on an SS will cost less than on an LT?
That would be good to see.
I don't think they can based on how you buy a car at a dealership. You usually start with a base model and then add RPO numbers to it. The salesman would just say 'this much' for the SS option and 'this much' for the RS option. He would not care (or know the difference) about what you get when you pick an option.
I don't know about anyone else, but if I'm at a dealer that doesn't know the options on the vehicle they're selling I'm not so likely to buy from that dealer ;)

It would be foolish to NOT have the RS package on the SS be priced differently. How hard could it be to add two RPO numbers to the system? One for use with the LT and one for use with the SS. I'll certainly be in the market for an SS/RS (possibly a 'vert if the price is right - especially since it's excuse to wait for the HUD) - I can only hope (and assume) that GM is smart enough to not try to charge its customers multiple times for the same options.
Dealerships are getting better at training their sales staff on the various products but they don't spend hours a day gobbling up Camaro info like we do. I think you are right - they would have to create a separate "SS only" RPO number if they were going to fairly price it for an SS buyer.
1 - 3 of 68 Posts
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