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RS Appearance Package

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RS Appearance Package - available on LT and SS

HID headlamps with "halo ring"
Rear Spoiler (LT only - SS already has it)
20-inch 5-spoke wheel with Midnight Silver paint finish
RS-unique tail lamps
Body-color roof ditch molding
RS badging on driver's side grille and passenger side trunk lid

When combined with SS, SS badging becomes red instead of silver.
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In my view... The cost on my RS package for my 2LT is 1,450. I think with the rear spoiler, wheel and tire upgrade, HID lights with halo ring, RS embles, matching color factory painted roof trim, enhanced tail pipe appearance and 100% factoy stock look and installation, it is a steal. Considering what the base vehicle cost , in my mind this is a bargin.

It also enhances and helps retain re-sale value over after market additions/modifications.


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Yes, headlights, I believe the 2LT is what gives you the tailpipe upgrade.
I think it is the 2LT vs the LS that upgrades the exhaust pipe. This is what I think is the 2LS pipe, will post the polished stainless LS pipe next. If I am correct. I seen a LS last week at the deal and could swear this is what was on it...


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I believe this is the Polished stainless steel on the LS


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So, sorry for getting a little off track here. This is the RS thread, not the exhaust thread...
You also get the larger tires in the rear and the 4 gauge cluster in the console, as well as the fog lights that act as running lights during the day.
That comes with 2LT or 2SS packages, not RS.
Oops. you're right, thanks for catching my error.
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