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Rubber Hatch Stops

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Does anyone know where i could possibly get a set or even just one of the rubber hatch stops for a fourth gen.

One on my camaro is all to pieces, the threads on it dry rotted, and now when i close the hatch the passenger side sits even with the top of the fender but the driver side sits about an 1/8 of an inch lower.

Ive looked and looked but havent found any, so if anyone can help me out id appreciate it very much.
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salvage yards!
well i have and i guess other people have had my problem too because i havent found any there either
they have alot of groups of salvage yards nation wide so you should be able to get the parts you want!
thanks man i'll give it a try
dealer = mark up!
Do you have a part number?
Check out
Even if you don't have a part number, you can search their catalog.
well i never could find a part number. i used a lil ******* engineering and made a temp. fix. its hard to explain but involved a push pin a pair of pliers and a pocket knife. i cant imagine that it will last all that long. i really wasnt looking to pay the dealer price for something that simple and i had been told that they more than likely wouldn't have it. after three hours on the web yesterday im still empty handed so im going to try a gm dealer in hickory nc or knoxville tn cause i know these mtn. dealers round my house wont have crap
alrite gentlemen, search results under trunk storage-luggage lid- bulb, hinge, horn relay, latch, latch release, lift strut, operating rod, panel, pivot stud, plug, rear run retainer, release selinod, retainer, seal, spacer, spoiler striker, switch, uncoded cylinder, and weatherstrip im i missing something
yea your part
and no luck with the dealers i leave for nashville next month to go to school so maybe luck out on the way to school and find a good junk yard
surprisingly autozone sometimes has some temp. replacements for it..but its not a fix permenant..but they do help..
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