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Sad but true, we need rules even here. By posting or responding to a post herein you agree to the following terms and rules presented below. If you don’t like ‘em, don’t post, buy, sell, browse, link, etc

1) No links to other auctions or ads – please post whole ads here. Links to pics are acceptable so long as the content is reasonable (to say, the father of a 5 year old. Kapeesh?). EBAY ads will be acceptable ONLY IF STATED IN THE TITLE, otherwise it will be deleted.

2) Please UPDATE your thread when something has sold, or if there are multiple listings and you are copying and pasting, please update the list before you re-post.

3) Please don't bump your ad more than once every 24 hours.

4) No businesses may post. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact us directly.

5) Please don't post the same ad more than once.

6) Please put contact and pricing info in your ad, multiple replies of ‘how much’ and ‘e-mail addy?’ detract from your ad and make it seem as though the item has sold.

7) You MUST have a price in your thread. Threads without a price will be deleted. If you're not sure on how much to ask for a part, do some research (check ebay) and see what they are selling for. If you are still unsure put a price and then "Or Best Offer". No "Make an Offer" type sales.

8) You MUST own or physically be in possesion of the item you are selling. We will not allow "My buddy is selling......" type threads. Membership to this website is free, so the friend can sign up on his/her own and post the item. If something should go wrong with the sale you are caught in the middle and that will create problems.

9) In a sales thread, if you are not interested in the item for sale, do not post in the thread.


PLEASE assure correct contact information with regard to any person, whether seller or buyer, in every transaction. If you are going to be sending someone money (in any form), make sure you keep a copy of the person's name, email address, street address, phone number etc.! There is no way for to help you get this information from anyone.

Keep a record of the information somewhere SAFE and keep a copy of the original ad and any receipts. All that stuff will help you if something ever goes wrong! is not responsible in any way for any fraudulent or criminal activity that a seller/buyer may perpetuate upon you or us. Likewise we make no claim, nor can we be held liable for, any possible, perceived or otherwise, warranty of merchantability, express or implied warranties, usability, safety or any other possible claim of any parts, cars, etc. that are listed on this site. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADS, LISTINGS, LINKS OR ANY OTHER CONTENT HEREIN. is not the originator of the ads... we are not the ones selling or buying the stuff. We are simply providing a public forum for people to connect with each other. We do no checks or verification of any of these ads. It’s a free service to our members (who of course do not need to pay anything to become such).

If you don't feel comfortable with buying or selling an item, or dealing with someone, then don't do it.

We take no responsibility, and you agree to indemnify and its owners, administrators, moderators, staff, etc. of any and all liability should anything untoward come to pass. If your car blows up from a bad part or a carb spits fuel in your eye, don’t come after us, go after the dolt you bought the stuff from.

Having all contact information will come in handy!
Should you have an issue with regard to a fraud claim and the US mail was used you can file a report with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) through their Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) at and/or you can file a complaint with the United Stated Post Office (USPS) through the Inspection Services at

Again,* if you don't feel comfortable with buying or selling an item, or dealing with someone, then don't do it (there usually is a reason you get those 'gut feelings').
And as always, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Please use this forum responsibly and safely. Thank you.
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