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RX/Tracy Nightmare review.

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After a little over a year of sitting in silence over the hardship of getting my car 100% after taking delivery from RX I have had enough. So I will get down to the point quick.

I paid for a turnkey twin turbo kit from RX in Dec. 2011 and took delivery end of March 2012. And the car wasn't still ready, as I had to help and get dirty to finish the kit and test the car out. It felt great at first but later the nightmare began. I had his help at first but everything sent was wrong or even more wrong. SOOO I just started paying out of pocket for everything to fix the wrongs. I almost traded up for a 1LE but back out. To this day I am still paying for new MAF sensors and oil quarts. I have to clean my engine and MAF regularly. I was finally offered to have the car rebuilt with Matt (when he was there) looking over the improvements. When Matt left didn't like what I was seeing and being practiced at the shop so I backed off and cut ties to RX slowly. As of this past weekend I have finally worked out all the kinks thank's to some help from Derrick (Gretchen), Matt at FSP and Mike at SE-Power. Finding and custom making the parts needed properly has been a long task. But with me over looking it all and doing the labor myself I can ensure it's done right. Some may ask why I waited so long to open my mouth but enough is enough after seeing all these new builds going south under his direction. I am not the only one. Alex (V6owner) and Chris (BaylorCamaro) and I have wanted to write reviews for a long time. But we always gave Tracy a chance to right his wrongs but no thanks now. The message he left me tonight was uncalled for also after the mess I have been dealt from him.

He's called me a theft because he sent me a turbo to replace the bad one. But I aint return him the old one back as I used it to fund my repairs. No one in their right mind would return it when money can be made to repair his damages. Plus I paid for parts I aint receive and my car was missing bolts and parts that in had to replace myself. He had never offered to repair my damages till Matt from FSP was working for him and asked him to do his past customers right. All I was getting from him was parts here and there to fix the issues. But the parts always sent were wrong. So this was when I started repairing things myself. As I wasn't dumb enough to send my car back to that madness of a shop.

All of my turbo kits problems since delivery.

1. Pipe welds break

2. Wrong size oil lines and fittings installed

3. Wastegates weren't install properly

4. Meth kit staying on continuously

5. Missing parts I paid for

6. Over tightened my header clamps causing clamp failure

7. Missing header bolts

8. Catch can failed

9. Wrong BOV spring

10. Boost control installed wrong

11. Charge pipes and intercooler filled with oil

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OMG those pictures. my eyes they burn! Im so so sorry!! do you have new pretty pix??
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