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I went by Munday Chevrolet in Houston on my way home tonight because a friend of mine told me they had a Camaro in the showroom. Much to my delight there were 2 of them. You can see the few pics I took with my blackberry here in the pictures thread.
I have to say that they are so much better looking in person. You guys that have taken delivery are right. It is worth waiting for.
The black one was a 1LT and the Silver was 2LT. I sure don't like the cloth seats. The leather is much nicer.
The 21" wheels on the black car look absolutely amazing. I don't think they will look as good on other colors. I guarantee you the person buying the 1LT with 21' wheels will have no idea tires are going to set them back 2 grand. Purchase the cheapest car and have 2 grand in tires is going to be a major shock.
Now I am just more excited to get mine in.
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