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Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends!

Greetings from the Los Angeles international Auto Show -- (where, by the way, the Orange Camaro Concept Convertible is still causing quite a stir........)

I've always been proud to be a part of the General Motors Family -- from the time my uncle signed his first Sales and Service Agreement to become a Chevy Dealer -- to the day my father signed a similar agreement; ............from the day over 30 years ago that I went to work for Chevrolet Motor Division -- to days like this.

And while there have been times it's been kinda hard to keep that pride, -- there are days like January 9, 2006 (the day we unveiled the new Camaro) -- or days like today -- when our Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, made some introductions and **significant** announcements that have a major impact in the automotive world --

..............and days like these make it all worth while and make me so very proud................

Yes, there will be a few that 'pooh-pooh' what you read below -- but I know that you are all GM Enthusiasts -- and you probably want to know that GM is a leader in fuel economy AND fuel solutions -- and we intend to be that leader from here on out.............

There are also a few things he has doesn't mention in his blog below -- one being "Project Driveway" where we'll be putting over 100 Equinox Fuel Cell Vehicles on the road in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC over the next few months. The only emissions from the tailpipe? Water vapor! Then there's the Volt Concept which we've committed to building. Imagine a car that can be driven up to 40 miles each day that will never burn a drop of gas! Yet -- if you want to drive it across this great nation of ours, a small on-board engine will recharge the battery........

Naturally, as Camaro Enthusiasts, we're all just bursting at the seams to see (and drive and hopefully buy) the new Camaro. Trust me: If you liked the concept, you will LOVE the production model! It's a jaw-dropper!

Yes -- there have been times where it's been hard for you to be a GM enthusiast -- but we hope that today gives you another reason to stay with us.

In closing: I can never say this enough: THANK YOU -- for your continued enthusiasm for the Camaro and Firebird -- and for your continued support of General Motors. We're blessed to have you as our customer!

See you on the road!


From Mr. Lutz;

One year ago, Rick Wagoner was the keynote speaker at the 2006 LA Auto Show, and he took the opportunity to share the strategies and plans we have at General Motors for taking the leadership role in addressing the environmental issues surrounding the automobile.

He also made some promises. Promises that managed to raise a few eyebrows, and quite frankly, keep everyone on our product development team very, very busy over these last 12 months.

Well today those promises are on the way to becoming reality. We are working hard to make history, to transform the industry and transportation as we know it.

One of Rick’s key points was that there is no silver bullet. There is no 100-mile-per-gallon carburetor or other secret solution that will solve all our energy and environmental problems overnight.

But we can make a difference – a BIG difference – by working the challenges from many different angles at the same time.

Regardless of the fuel, regardless of the technology, our goal remains the same – the best possible fuel economy for whichever type of vehicle our customers choose.

That’s why we offer more cars that get 30 mpg or better on the highway than any other automaker. That’s why we offer some of the most fuel-efficient full-size pickups and SUVs on the market. That’s why we have more than 2.5 million vehicles on the road today that can run on E-85 ethanol… with a lot more coming.

And that’s why we’re introducing four more hybrids in the U.S. this year. In fact, counting the new Saturn Aura Green Line, we’re introducing 16 hybrids in the next four years – one every three months.

That includes the industry’s first “two-mode” hybrid SUVs, which we’re building right now. They get up to 50 percent better city fuel economy than their gasoline-only counterparts. And, they get about the same city mileage as the conventional Camry and Accord four-cylinder models!

We’ve said time and time again, we want to be part of the solution to society’s energy issues… as a matter of energy efficiency, as a matter of national security, and as a matter of environmental responsibility. We’re committed.

At GM, we believe that no one solution is right for every part of the world, or even every consumer in any given market. So our approach is simple: offer as many choices as possible, to as many consumers as possible.

And while we’ll be offering these various solutions through all of our many brands, the best way to have the largest possible impact is through the broad portfolio of our high volume global brand, Chevrolet.

It’s our intent to establish Chevrolet as the worldwide fuel solutions leader – the undisputed environmental and technology leader in the industry.

We will not achieve that by selling one highly efficient environmental icon – although we’ve got one of those in the works too. We will achieve that by striving for fuel economy leadership in all the segments that Chevrolet competes, from the smallest passenger cars to the largest trucks.

So stay tuned for further developments on Chevrolet’s emergence as the industry’s fuel efficiency leader, and GM’s intention to seize (and keep) technology leadership in this industry.


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