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September 2011 Member/Car of the Month: Shawn29

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You have been nominated as the Member of the Month for September 2011!!! :party:

What got you started with your love for Chevy and the Camaro?

I have always been a "Chevrolet" guy. Growing up I wanted a first gen Camaro , but never did get one. So when the 5th gen was introduced I knew I had to have one.

Whats the Story Behind your 5thgen Camaro?

Well when I oredered my car my wife was 6 months pregnant. I wanted to get this car for myself , but I wanted to also get it for my son to have one day. I went to the dealership to place my order on May 11th 2010 and at 5:21 pm order number NXRTCP was enterd in GM's order bank.

My son wasn't due until September 4th 2010 , but my wife went into pre-term labor on June 25th 2010 and my son , Easton was born. I had recieved email notification a few weeks earlier the the camaro had been built also. So when the car was delivered he was still in the hospital. Well I picked the car up on July 7th 2010 and on August 5th , Easton was able to come home. That was the day he was introduced to the Camaro. He was brought home from the hospital in the car. The car was built on June 4th and Easton was born exactly 3 weeks later on the 25th. If nothing else he will have a cool story to tell one day when people ask him about his Camaro!

How did you come across and what made you become a supporting member and stick around?
I have been on other Camaro boards and had heard of I came over to check it out and really liked the atmosphere. So I decided to stick around awhile and haven't looked back. Its nice to have a place to come and discuss Camaros with other owners and if you have question or a problem with your car , you know you can get an answer here.

How did the Camaro or Chevy in general change your life?

After I bought the car I knew I wanted to be a part of a club. I started looking around a bit and came across a new club starting up in Charlotte , NC. So I decided to join the 5th Gen Camaro's of the Carolina's. I have had the chance to do things with my car and my family that I never would have if not for this club. We got to go to show at the Foodlion Autofair twice. We went to the Tail of The Dragon and Camaro's for Hero's. We also got together and went to Zmax dragway for the summer drag and brag series. I have met some of the coolest "car guys and gals" through this club and I owe it all to the 5th gen Camaro. All I can say is Thank You Chevrolet!!!

Finally do you have anything you’d like to say to members or anyone else reading this interview?
The only thing I can say is , thanks to everyone who voted for me for Member of the Month. This is undoubtably the best Camaro site on the internet and I am honored to even have been nominated for this. Thanks again!
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You Da Man Shawn!! Congrats!
Congrats and great write up :thumbsup:
Congrats :thumbsup:

Congrats! Cool story glad it all worked out for you! :thumbsup:

What a great story. It's all about the human element and how the people, places and things around us remain part and define us as individuals. Good luck with your Camaro and keep it for a long, long time.


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Congrats from a fello Tarheel!!! :thumbsup:

Congrats man!!! :cool: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Congratulations Shawn! That's one SWEET RIDE! :clap:
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