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Skyline Cruise is JUNE 8,9,10

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hey gang, I usually put on a small Skyline Drive cruise through the Shenendoah Mountains. We typically all stay at the same hotel and hang out in the parking lot, cruise and eat dinner. This used to be done in the fall, but its been too cold and people like to take the T-tops out and drops the tops.

If anyone is interested let me know. I am going to pick a hotel (most likely Super 8 in Front Royal VA). They have been super cool with us for the last few years. I am contemplating (just so you know) of a different location (more restaurants etc..) but I will let everyone know.

This cruise is open to ALL F-bodies AND late model GTOS. If you bring an outsider, you will be shunned, whipped, and heckled. THen if its a super cool car, we will let THEM hang out but still make fun of you. :rotflmao:But seriously if you do thats fine. Just be warned, if they are causing problems I (thats me, Doug) will come to you to ask you to have them leave (if you don't have the stones to talk to your own friend, then I will do it. I hate doing it but its something that I have to do for the better of the group)

Anyway, I just wanted you all to know. Where is the **** site ADMIN!?!?! (Hello OCTANEZ28) can you please make this a sticky!

Thanks.....btw...this is not a race, just for friend to get together and chill and cruise.
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