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smaller diameter wheels on new camaro?

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i apologize if this has already been covered.

with the current trend of huge wheel diameters, i was thinking about the other direction. smaller wheel diameters, more they had on the older classics. the older cars had 15" right? how about 15 to 17 on these cars with more rubber? would these sizes just not be possible with these modern brake and suspension designs?

how small do you think you can go with the rotors and calipers? are there ways around this? i mean i am not saying i want drums. would these wheels mess up the handling too much?

i just thought it might actually look cool with the older style coming back...and different, since everyone and their brother has low profile on everything with 4 wheels.

has anyone photoshoped this? if anyone is good at that and it doesn't take too long, could you post a pic of a new camaro with older style wheels?

thanks everyone!
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More sidewall causes more flex. More flex causes uncertain handling. Traction issues would be a little better (in a straight line drag racing sense) but cornering or panic situations would be worse. Even though tire technology has grown infinitly better as of age with alot of sidewall even the best tire runs the risk of folding on itself. With all this stability control and safety electronics on cars these days the bigger sidwall would be counterintuitive, especially on a car designed to go fast.
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