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So it sure seems all signs point to Oshawa...

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...for the production site. GuionM at Camaroz28 is saying Wilmington still makes more sense from the business case perspective, but GM can't hang a big carrot in front of Canada like this over Oshawa and then yank it away.

They've already gotten major CAW consessions. My prediction is they get tax breaks too and Camaro is built there. Makes me nervous to have the car name tied up in another contract though. Could a repeat of 2002 be in the offing a few years into the 5th gen's life cycle?
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I hope not...

GM already has enough nay-sayers. They don't need to fuel the fire

I can't wait until this thing comes out! Really excited about the Pontiac, too!
Why woudl the name be tied up agian? i doubt GM woudl make the same mistake like that twice.

however i coudl be wrong...
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