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Some cool NFS-Carbon Camaro videos

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That was cool. However, being a body and paint guy, I cringe seeing that Camaro crashing into everything on and off the road!!:eek: I know its only a video game, but....OUCH! Wreck a freakin' Toyota and I'll really enjoy it!!!:lol:
Body and paint guy, eh? I got a rust spot on my truck you could fix. :D

Man, that's some nice drifting. I can't do that without touching at least a few walls...
thats pretty cool... I just have one question what consoul is that for X box 360 or PS3?
I've got it on my 360. But I had to buy (download) the "Collector's Edition" to get the Camaro. And it's only available in 2 colors, and for single races, not the story mode.
Those are awesome videos... but can you get the camaro on the PC version!?
yeah i got the collectors edition but for ps2 and its the same only available for single race n comes in black or red and you cant mod it at all :( I was just wondering if there was any difference between the too.. like need for speed pro street i have for the 360 and i rented it for ps2 and thers a night and day diference no camaro in ps2 version but there is in the 360 version and that you can mod ;) i made a bumblebee ofcorse and a few other ones... but the handling for the camaro n that game sucks its great for drag though all i moded was the traction (tires,suspention,breaks) and kept the peformance stock and was kickin ass all the way to the last guy then i had to put some performance in to it...
Go out and buy nfs pro street. you can mod the the new camaro and race in all the different types of races in the story mode.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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