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Hey guys/ gals:

There's a few of us from the Camaro5 site that have started up our own Camaro Club...all we have now is 5th Gens, but all gens are welcome.

We have a meetup (2nd one so far) this coming weekend in San Bernardino.

Here's the flyer for the place:

We're meeting up around 11am till 2pm or whenever we're done.

So far our little club has about 15 you're more than welcome to come out and meet a few more fellow enthusiasts!

See you there!

just looked at the post and realized the picture isnt coming out right, cant seem to get a good one attached. So if you're interested just shoot me a PM here...or an email or text

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 909.268.8195 <David


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