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I've got a 1998 Camaro with an automatic trans that is making a squeaking or squealing noise.

I got under the car with the transmission in Neutral, and then turned the driveshaft by hand. Turning it in short back-and-forth motion, I heard a clear squeak come from the tailshaft area in both forward and reverse directions. Turning the driveshaft continuously in either direction, the "squeak" doesn't stop (squeal, I guess). Getting right under the yoke, it really sounded like the noise was coming from the tailshaft of the transmission, not the U-joint.

The tailshaft seal is not leaking any fluid.

Has anyone else ever had any problem like this, or know of it? I've never had a squeak like this one on my previous Camaro's.

Oh, on a related note, I found this issue while trying to figure out why the car was making a squeaking/chirping noise at lower speeds (20-30mph, mostly).
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