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StealthLink Installation for ZL1

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I am storing my Camaro during the cold weather months, partly because of the summer tires and mostly for the change in my insurance rate. I bought a CTEK smart charger but didn't want to use a connection system that required constantly accessing the battery and having the cord coming out of the trunk, or using the power plug accessory and having the cord coming out of the open after a little investigating I found that Charger Connection, LLC sells a nifty kit called the StealthLink connection system. Only issue was that there was no specific application for Gen 5 Camaros (yet). Clicking on the Custom Kit link showed:

"Our StealthLink® battery connection system is highly adaptable. Whatever type of vehicle you're using your trickle charger on, it's likely that we can adapt our system to your vehicle. Please contact us directly via the "Contact Us" web submission form, email, or phone. We welcome the opportunity to create a system to fit your needs."

So after sending an e-mail inquiry I was contacted by Larry Morgan at CC, who did confirm that no Gen 5 specific kit presently existed, but could be adapted and built if someone did the initial research and deemed it was possible and was willing to try. So I did some looking and measuring, shot some photos, sent them to Larry who agreed it probably would work. I took my time and did the install over two days, in my garage. This is my first DIY and I hope it makes sense. Done on my ZL1, other trim levels have different diffusers. Steps are attached as a PDF to keep it simple.

Contact info for Charger Connection, LLC is:

Charger Connection / StealthLink / The Park-n-Plug Solution
[email protected]


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I applaud your effort. :thumbsup: But it is a HUGE amount of effort when, as stated by patriotpa the Deltran has a quick disconnect AND can be used by connecting to the jump points under the hood that are easily accessible with no removal/modification etc. Then running it forward out thru the front grill for quick connection/disconnection. Ask me how I know... ;) My car is now coming up on 5 years old. Not a daily driver. Not even a bad weather driver. And the battery is still good to go....

I guess the one thing you have over my install is you don't see anything when disconnected. Not that you can see much on mine when the connector is "tucked in" to the grill when not in use.... That and if you don't have any access to the front of the car when parked your method makes sense.

Congrats on your successful install.
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Never realized the under-the-hood connection points were there, of course reading the jump start section in the manual would have informed me of this. First Camaro and first vehicle with a battery in the trunk. Had charging and battery maintenance in my head as opposed to jumping a dead battery! Oh well, live and learn. Since I took the rear fascia off for the install, I replaced the reverse tail lights with LEDs, would have had to take it off anyway. Thanks for the info....
:lol: At least you have a sense of humor about it! :thumbsup:
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