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Hopefully somebody has a couple answers for me. Im looking to change my steering wheel from the 11 to the 12 model. Does anybody know anybody that has attempted this. From what im showing, the coil and airbag have the same connector. Im just worried about something jumping up while im in there. Any help is appreciated, thanks
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GM says the 2012 is easier to hold on to cause your thumbs can hook on to it. I've only had the 2012 version so I don't know if it is easier. I wouldn't be suprised if later on there are sensors to make you hold on to it with both hands at the 10 and 2.

I like the earlier version much better, much more sporty, retro and unique, this goes for the speedometer too. There are many things about the interior of the LS which look as if it wouldn't have costed anything more to make it look better.

We (2012 owners) got you on the added leather strip on the dash, that is better no one would argue with that.

It would probably cost about the same to have the type they use on the ZL1 installed, well sure it would cost more but if your going to do it, do it right.
I don't think this will ever happen ... first I think there would be an outright revolt by all of us predominantly one handed drivers. Further, They couldn't do it with a manual cause they have to take a hand off the wheel. And third, it has now been determined that hand on the wheel position of 4 and 8 is better for cars with airbags, so who is to say this won't change again?
If you had a manuel than they'd allow for your right hand to be off the wheel but only for increments of seconds to allow for gear changes. Than the electrodes would shock you eventually ramping up to a tazer by the cops level, the radio would come on with safety messages.

Seriously, I think that the steering wheel and speedometer on the models 10 - 11 were much cooler, my '12 sucks. I only refer to the digital readout for speed, try to avoid looking at the tiny #s on the speedometer. I'd have been happier if there was no digital readout and the speedometer was very '69 looking. The steering wheel looks like it belongs in a pickup or cross-over.
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