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Steve Saleen

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Anyone know if Steve Saleen is going to work with gm on the camaro for sure? Is so the would be awesome!:roxor:
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Dunno about that, but I suppose anything is possible.
I hope so...that would be great!!! :roxor:
Who knows but rumor on the stang boards is that hes retiring. With Rousch getting in on the GM action now I'm sure they might.
It only makes sense for these well known tuners to diversify :cool:
Bah with Saleen. Id Rather Just buy One And Tune It Myself.
true that... pay the extra $$$ for a name
Plus Stangs With The Saleen Badge See My Gt Emblem And Always Try to Get Me To Do Pulls. Like They dont Know What The Result Will Be. O Wait My AfterMarket Exuast Adds Enough HP To Race A Saleen.... (sarcasm)
I spoke with one of Saleen's "guys" at a show here in Houston, he said NO WAY NO HOW! PERIOD.

So, maybe.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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