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As a new sponsor here on ModernCamaro, I'm seeing a few of threads made by folks having issues with their clutch pedals sticking to the floor during aggressive driving. We here at Tick Performance have a very good understanding of this all-too-familiar problem, as it has been happening to all performance-oriented GM vehicles for years. We've totally solved this issue in many other applications (you can even read about our Adjustable Master Cylinder kit for 04-06 GTO in GM High Tech magazine, here); unfortunately there is no 100% solution for the 2010+ V8 Camaro yet.

The cause of the problem: the stock clutch master cylinder simply doesn't flow enough fluid to push the clutch slave cylinder far enough to fully disengage the clutch. This produces extreme heat inside the bellhousing, boiling the fluid inside the hydraulic system (thus introducing air) and causing a faded (or totally dead) clutch pedal. Other side effects include difficulty shifting at high RPMs, difficulty engaging 1st and Reverse while stopped, shortened clutch life and shortened transmission life. We've been seeing this exact issue for years in many applications.

Known Band-Aids for the problem: Notice we say band-aids, not fixes. These items may help your problem, although they won't solve it:
  • Tick Performance Stainless Braided Clutch Line (here)
  • Lingenfelter Clutch Pedal Return Kit (here)
  • Tick Performance Slave Cylinder Shim Kit (3 Pack) (here)
  • Keeping fluid fresh and free of clutch dust
  • Using exotic, expensive aftermarket hydraulic fluid
  • We've even seen some reservoir modifications, etc
Unfortunately, these items will only help ease the symptoms of the problem, best case scenario.

There is only one way to SOLVE the problem: by upgrading the master cylinder to move more fluid. Our Adjustable Master Cylinder kits that utilize a bigger bore cylinder have solved this problem in thousands of other GM applications (93-02 F-Body, 97-08 Corvette, 04-06 GTO, etc) but in 2009, GM changed the way the computer monitors the clutch master cylinder, making it impossible to use our kit as designed. This leaves 2009+ Corvette owners, 2009 G8 GXP owners and 2010+ V8 Camaro owners without a solution for the time being.

We certainly haven't given up. Our engineers are still working to design a kit that will work as intended with the stock computer, but we've not gotten anything to build on - yet. I wish I had an ETA on a solution or at least a better idea on a timeline for everyone, but at this point there is no information available. Just know that we're definitely aware of the problem, we definitely know how to solve it, and we're working hard to make an Adjustable Master Cylinder Kit a reality for these cars.
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