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Stock L99 Dyno 331/345, 341/356 tuned

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dyno'd mine today at New Era, only mod on both runs is a SLP LM1 axle back which shouldnt add any power, car had aprox 1050 miles on it, 93 octane gas

331.37/345.57 stock

341.17/356.51 tuned

it gained close to 17rwhp and 17rwt at 5200rpms

run 1- 86.23f, 29.53in-hg, humidity 21%, sae 1.01

run 2- 89.83f, 29.53in-hg, humidity 17%, sae 1.01


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seems pretty normal...which is a good thing.
is this a 6spd SS? those numbers are supposed to be normal?
L99 is an auto but technically still is a 6 speed. I only counted a 10 hp gain. I'm assuming that's what you meant.

Edit, never mind, you were talking about specified RPM. I see that now.
;sounds right

sounds right i dynoed mine and i had cai and preditor it was 342/353 L99 numbers are lower then the m6 but is ok we are still quicker just not faster also every mod we do gives more power to the auto then the manual ..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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