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Hi folks,
I happen to be a UAW member in Shreveport, LA where we make the Hummer H3, the new H3T, Canyon, and Colorado.

The $70.00 per hour figure is misleading. Some bean counter has calculated pension and benefits with that figure. If anything, the figure is probably more like $25-30.00 per hour. Considering that American Axle was under GM years ago before their spinoff, they made the same as GM employees and kept their contract.

Today, American Axle might want to slash hourly wages in half. I'm not positive, but this may be the case. Recently, the UAW has entertained and has accepted the idea of having new hires at "half" the wage with reduced benefits and no pension, but a 401k system in place.

One can argue about the hourly wage being so high, but one will have to go back to Henry Ford when he doubled the average daily wage so he could get people to come to work and mass produce his car.
If I may be able to ask, what advantages does working in a Union garner me vs. being a standard hourly/salaried employee? I'm not trying to be pointed, rather I'm very curious about what the big difference is between being Union and non-Union. This would probably help ease the anti-Union sentiment here. Also, if I may, I'd like to ask you what your personal opinion of the current situation is.
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