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8 years ago I got a Mustang Convertible and I loved that car - right up until it broke down in 2003 (busted transmission). Times were tough so my next car was a Mazda Protege, but I promised I would someday get another Mustang convertible. That day has come..!! Except I'm not so sure I want the Mustang anymore. I've never been a Camaro guy but this 5th Gen version is one of the single nicest looking cars I have ever seen in the under-$50,000 category. I have to admit... I fell in love with Bumblebee :D

My only concern is I don't want to wait 2 or 3 years to get the car I want. So here are my stupid questions (and I apologize for my cluelessness):

I know the convertibles start hitting the streets summer of 2009. What are my chances of getting one right away..? Is there anything I should be doing now, like contacting my local dealer..? Am I going to have to pay an arm and a leg for the car..? I can afford MSRP, but not if the dealer tacks an extra $10,000 onto that. What are my chances of getting the specific type and color I want within a reasonable time...?

This is a great site and it has definitely led me to change my mind from a Mustang to a Camaro..!!

Welcome to the's always nice to see 'stang guys migrate over. Don't worry, those aren't really stupid didn't mention the non-production headlights, rant about the concept's interior and you didn't ask when the Firebird was coming you're WAY ahead of the game.:BangHead:

In my case, I want to factory order a hard-top when it comes out. I spoke to the chevy dealer I bought my last truck from. I was told they are not taking deposits yet (until the have all the info about the car). But they are keeping a list of people to contact as soon as they will be taking deposits and those people will get first dibs on ordering. They said they will not be charging over MSRP. I would say you should contact your local dealers and see what their policy's seem to be and take it from there.

It really all depends on how many converts they build. If they're pretty limited in the first year, it may take some time to get one...just gotta hope you can place the order as early as possible, and you find an honest dealer that cares about the customer and not making a quick extra buck (if that's possible).
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