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Subwoofer and amp...

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I'm considering an Alpine Type R sub and a Kenwood 501 amp for my trunk. This looks like something I can set up myself. The local audio store charges about $600 for parts and labor to set it all up. And their prices are a bit more than Best Buy...which is a bit more than Ebay and Amazon. So looking it over, it doesn't look like something I can't do myself. So I'll buy the parts and the wiring kit and do it. I can get the parts for around $300 or a little more than that. And I already have the RCA cables hooked up to my head unit. So it'll just be a matter of running the wires back and connecting them or whatever. I'll probably do this in a couple weeks. So I just figured I'd see if any of you have any advice or suggestions.
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I worked at car toys in Ft. Worth for a while and it is simple to do you should not have a problem with the install if you have any problems let me know and I can try and walk you through it..
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