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Supercharged my vert

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I installed a whipple supercharger on my convertible in my garage last week and thought I would share my journey with you all. My wife will be helping me with the install.OK to start my car has 2" ARH headers and I removed the cats and put in straight pipes.I have a CAI intake and Corsa exhaust. The car is currently tuned by JRE and will be re-tuned by Ted after I install my Whipple. I will be using a ZR 1 Bar Map Sensor,ID 850 injectors,ZR1 spark plugs,MSD Fuel pump voltage booster and a 3.875 pulley. Car was purchased from Camaro Scotty.

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Sick ride man!!! Looks great. Is this your first supercharged car? If so, is it worth it in your opinion? I keep talking myself out of it.
Lets just say! Getting BLOWN is the best.:thumbsup: Really makes this car fun. Just hit the gas and the tires smoke in first or second. Best $8000.00 I ever spent. Only down side is buying tires cause a cant stop my self.:lol:
:D can't argue with you there. I only have 11,500 miles on mine so wanted to drive it a bit before going blown. Figured I'd appreciate the power more then not to mention wanted to hold off for a bit just to make sure since warranty will go with it.

Anyways, congrats man.
I have 9000 miles on mine but its not my daily driver. When your ready go for it. If you drive to central Wi I will help you install it.:thumbsup:
Wow, very nice offer! :5go: :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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