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I am calling on all of you, and others, to support a long time friend of mine. Sgt. Juan Obregon is on his second deployment to Iraq and he will be missing Christmas this year.

Juan and me have been friends for about ten years. Long before both of us joined the Army. He's a stand-up guy and I don't just ask for others out there to support anyone at random.

Juan is combat medic and now being a Sgt., has Soldiers under him who could use some reminders from home as well. So I am asking all of you to send the same types of things you sent me while I was deployed. Snacks, treats, candy, magazines, etc etc.

Now when I was deployed some of you sent me things that where against the rules at my request. Because as we all know the rules apply to everyone but me. But for Juan, please do not send anything that would get him in trouble. Tons of Camaro, Chevy, and Pontiac stuff works too.

I know some of you even have deployed loved ones of your own, so this is something you know all to well. So please send some things to him and his Soldiers to help them get through. Because Christmas in Iraq sucks.

His mailing address:

Team Archangel HHC, 2-25 AVN REG.
FOB Speicher
APO AE 09393

Please share this with your readers and friends as well.

Thank you all.

I thought I'd include a picture of him without a shirt on for the ladies:

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