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Well it was suggested to start a build journal of my 2012 Camaro LS. My Camaro affairs started in 1988 with and 5.7 IROC Z. Then moved to a 1992 Camaro witha 5.7 and six speed. My Camaro days were over for a few years until my kids were old enough. 1 in College and 1 in High School. We were at a local dealer one day and I looked at some Camaros and decided, what could I get for the least amount of upfront cash, so I settled on a base LS 6 spd car for 23k out the door, not too bad. My desire to mod this thing was there from the start, I can never leave anything alone anyway. So the tint and the RS/SS wheels were the first mods which changed the look. Now for the absession in no particular order:

Current Mods:

Carbon Fiber Stripes and gill stripes
Emblem Overlays
ZL1 Grille with Emblem Pros LS emblem
AAC LED side Markers
FACTORY Foglights- and yes they work like OE, I know an engineer at GM and was able to secure a BCM flash
Window Tint- 20%
GM GFX front Splitter
Leather OE steering wheel
Leather door panel armrests
Leather center console cover
Hurst Shifter with Bronze bushings and OE Hurst Leather Shifter knob
4 Pack RS guage Pack
Overhead garage door console
Dimming mirror
PDIM added
Underhood LED lighting
Hydrodipped taillight bezels
Hydrodipped engine cover and fuse cover
Powdercoated BREMBO brakes
1LE strut Tower Brace
1LE shocks and Struts
1LE upper rear shock Mounts
LSR ZL specific sways and links- outboard mounted in the rear- LSR
LSR Chassis Brace
LSR Springs
LSR Bump Steer tie rod ends
LSR Billet Toe and Lower Control Arms
Pedders rear knuckle bushings
IPF Supercharger System- Redline Motorsports
SOLO Exhaust
Nitto NT05 tires - fronts 275/40/20, rears 315/35/20
Ported Throttle Body
Calibrated by Matt at FSP in Bradenton
RAM Twin Disc Clutch
IDeal G Master Cylinder
Remote Clutch Resovoir by JDP
Factory Reproductions 1LE style wheels

Camaro was a feature in the January 2013 edition of GM High Tech

Currently working on another feature for Camaro Now with a custom twin disc clutch, Ideal G master Cylinder and JDP remote clutch resovoir.

Redline Motorsports, Matt at FSP and LSR have done work on the car to get it to where it is currently. I also do much of the wrench turning.

I am sure it is not in its its final form, as nothing is ever final...
next up to include furthur drivetrain upgrades

Vehicle has also won many shows, 1st place in the 2nd annual Florida Camaro Rally, 1st in class at Pony Wars- Valdosta, and several local shows as well.

Most recently was able to do a 2 day " Hooked on Driving " Event- what a blast...

Camaro makes 414 HP to the rear wheels on Redlines Dyno

And the best part is that I actually get to drive it like it was meant to be driven, on the racetrack, where I can find out if the modifications work, and I can attest, YES they DO !!

I am sure I am missing something, will update as needed.

Thanks to all the Camaro Clubs over the State of Florida and some in Georgia, I have made some great friends along the way, and if you see me, ask for a ride, it would my pleasure to take you for a spin...



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