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T-56 swap

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Just curious if anyone has done this to their 3rd gen. Getting ready to start on mine this weekend or next, just depends on if my shoulder cooperates or not. I have all necessary parts except for the crossmember. I have the Spohn adjustable torque arm that goes between the differential and the transmission crossmember with a drive shaft loop incorporated. Before the swap I had a TH350 with 4200 RPM stall converter in it and the cradle that mounted directly to the trans. This also allowed me to use a stock 4th gen aluminum drive shaft. How much difference is there in mounting location between the TH350 and T-56? Spohn makes the T-56 cradle, but if I can just modify my current one I would rather do that.

Thanks in advance, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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If you have the LT1 t-56,you shouldn't have to do any mods for it to bolt up to the engine.I used the Spohn cross member,and didn't have any problems (besides the cross member hanging down a bit,and my car was slammed.So speed bumps were a *****)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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