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T-Tops or Targa top?

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Has anyone heard yet if T-tops or a Targa Top (like the Vette) are being discussed? I love the vert, but I want the coupe. It's nice right now, because I have my coupe C4 Vette, but I can also pop the top off on the nice days.
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Neither IMO. Too much hassle for either.
Keep it simple with a full hard top and a convertible I say :cool:
Neither, it would be too difficult to remove the top(s).
Plus, where would you store it?
The only possibillity of those 2 I could see would be a targa that slides back into the roof but I highly doubt that will happen.

The only thing I think we might see is a sunroof but I would have to see that is sounds a little weird.
Then what about the hard top vert?
and sunroof?for coupe? i think it`s not necessary for a Muscle car...
I Love Targa Tops!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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