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Hello everyone, I recently started a Mustang (don't hate) club for a group of friends in the Tampa, Florida area. I am working on organizing an event for the 2nd weekend of December. The event right now is titled "Modern Muscle 2009" (tentative title). This will be a cruise and show/meet at a local resteraunt (location TBD). It will be open only to 2005+Mustangs, 2010 Camaro's and 2009+Challengers (Hence the modern muscle name).

Since it would be in December, each car would need to bring a new toy and we'd donate them to Toys for Tots. I think this would be an awesome event. I need someone to organize the Camaro people and get as many new Camaro's as possible. I have a friend working on the Challengers and I'm taking care of the Mustangs as well as finding a place to do it.

Even though we all have different cars and talk a lot of crap about each other, the main thing we all have in common is our love of cars! So, what do you guys think and is anyone willing to help out? If not, can someone recommend any other sites or places that I could go?


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