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I wanted to stop in and thank everyone for viewing my films on here. I hope I don't come across as selfish by posting
my stuff, and hardly commenting on others posts. The connection is slow no matter where I go, and things are crazy
here. I just wish I had more time. I wish I had the life I wanted and my freedom back, but that's still a year and half
away. I got a really cool message from someone, who will remain nameless, who was very upset that Michael Bay
never replied to my request for feedback on my films. To be perfectly honest, I never expected an answer. That's
not a strike at Bay, but if you get your hopes up in an unrealistic way, you are only going to be let down. I don't
feel that Bay owes me anything. Maybe he thinks I'm nuts because of that "I Hate Michael Bay" video I made.
Who knows. I do know however that Iraq is on his mind and he is not for this war. Or maybe he just can't handle
all this wicked smoothness? It's ok, I understand. ;)

Oh, When I get back to base I will upload my next film. But thank you all for your comments, e-mails, and PMs.

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