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It's a couple of years late to the party, but the all-new Ford FG Falcon is set to arrive in Australia later this year, when it'll match up with GM's Holden Commodore sedan and Ute offerings on the sales charts and at Aussie stop lights for years to come. Like the Holdens, the Falcons are rear-wheel-drive. The FG is all-new, with a more rigid architecture, new and/or upgraded powertrains, increased variety in terms of visual and interior options, and improvements in fuel economy as well. The factory performance wing, FPV, will also introduce a full range of FG-based sedans and Utes as well. We'll bring you more on the FPV cars when additional info and the all-important photos are released.

As for the standard FG Falcon offerings, the sedan will come in XT, G-Series, and XR trim levels, with the Ute joining it in base, R6, and XR Trims. As before, powerful inline six-cylinders (normally-aspirated and turbocharged) are joined by a range-topping V8 -- this time, it's the hand-built FPV-supplied 5.4L Boss 290. As impressive as the V8 is (388 hp / 383 lb-ft), however, the turbo six (362 hp / 393 lb-ft) makes a hell of a case for itself. An LPG-fueled E-Gas version of the I6 is also offered on the Falcon XT sedan and the XR6 Ute. Follow the jump for a quick-and-dirty rundown on the engines, as well as the overview press release sent out by Ford.

Across the full range of FG Falcon vehicles, four engines and four transmissions are available. Here's the skinny on the powertrain options.

4.0L I6
(Falcon XT, Falcon G6, Falcon G6E, Falcon XR6, Falcon Ute, Falcon R6 Ute, Falcon XR6 Ute)
195kW (261 hp) @ 6,000 RPM
391 Nm (288 lb-ft) @ 3,250 RPM

4.0L I6 E-Gas (LPG)
(Falcon XT, Falcon XR6 Ute)
156 kW (209 hp) @ 4750 RPM
371 Nm (273 lb-ft) @3750 RPM
4-speed automatic w/ SSS Sequential Sport Shift (standard)

4.0L Turbo I6
(Falcon G6E Turbo, Falcon XR6 Turbo, Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute)
279 kW (362 hp) @ 5,250 RPM
533 Nm (393 lb-ft) @ 2,000 - 4,750 RPM

5.4L Boss 290 V8
(Falcon XR8, Falcon XR8 Ute)
290 kW (388 hp) @ 5750 RPM
520 Nm (383 lb-ft) @ 4750 RPM

Four transmissions are available as standard or optional equipment, depending on model.

5-speed auto with SSS (Sequential Speed Shift)
ZF 6-speed auto with SSS
Tremec 6-speed manual
4-speed auto with SSS (E-Gas models only)
Read on for the detailed overview press release from Ford.


Falcon Ute:

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I still say it's an INCREDIBLY dumb move on Ford's behalf to cancel the idea of selling it in the US.
I don't think they have canceled it. Other than short term deciding not to bring it over. From what I last read the next gen Mustang will share platforms with a car like the Falcon and will sale the RWD sedan in the US at that time.

It should be like G8 and Camaro when Ford brings out the next gen Mustang.

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^ I agree.

I think the Falcon (with all it different trims) should replace the dreaded old Crown Vic and the Taurus. Reasons:

-The Ness platform is outdated (Crown Vic)
-Why the hell does Ford need another FWD car over the Fusion like the Taurus (or renamed Four Hundred, lol). Hell its basically the same deal between the Malibu and Impala now. GM even wanted to replace the FWD Impala with a RWD Impala before the CAFE crap. I still think it wasnt a good idea. The difference is that Ford is slow to the game in the States.

I do think Ford will wait until a time when a US version and Aussie version will share the same powerplants. I like the I6, it would be cool to see it in a base Mustang; but both division are going to have to share more than platform. Its prolly going to have to share powerplants. GM seems to do it that way, and it seem to work wonders. I think once the BOSS program is set in stone throughout the Ford lineup and beyond the US borders, then I would expect to see a US spec Falcon and it to underpin the Mustang (influencing Aussie quality building like the G8, lol).

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Crown Vic is pretty much dead a 220hp V8 is just totally useless anymore.

Now if they put the Mustang V8 and the mustang 5spd auto into the Crown Vic..then I would pretty much want one right

A RWD Sedan with that turbo'd I6 would give the G8 a run for its money, tbh.

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