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^ I agree.

I think the Falcon (with all it different trims) should replace the dreaded old Crown Vic and the Taurus. Reasons:

-The Ness platform is outdated (Crown Vic)
-Why the hell does Ford need another FWD car over the Fusion like the Taurus (or renamed Four Hundred, lol). Hell its basically the same deal between the Malibu and Impala now. GM even wanted to replace the FWD Impala with a RWD Impala before the CAFE crap. I still think it wasnt a good idea. The difference is that Ford is slow to the game in the States.

I do think Ford will wait until a time when a US version and Aussie version will share the same powerplants. I like the I6, it would be cool to see it in a base Mustang; but both division are going to have to share more than platform. Its prolly going to have to share powerplants. GM seems to do it that way, and it seem to work wonders. I think once the BOSS program is set in stone throughout the Ford lineup and beyond the US borders, then I would expect to see a US spec Falcon and it to underpin the Mustang (influencing Aussie quality building like the G8, lol).
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