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Well, as we draw closer to the actual build of the new Camaro, I thought I'd introduce to some of you a word you may hear come up during the ordering process.

It actually starts with a "C"

This word is:


This is a BAD word, and here's why.

You place the order for the Camaro of your dreams....Well, so are MANY other people. There are 80-100,000 Camaros slated to be built, but parts are ordered as projections suggest.

Sometimes there are quality issues where Chevy may reject a part from one of their supplier, for issues such as quality, or bad color matching. This throws off the build process, and then orders are delayed as a result. Orders that are not affected continue to go through the build process. The other orders are held until the constraint is lifted. Another cause could be too much demand for a particular option, and a natural parts shortage.

Can anything be done if an order is placed, and a constraint is announced? It all depends where the order is in the system. If it's early enough, it can be backed out and changed.

As we get into the production process, I will certainly watch the constraint status of the Camaro plant, and let you know RIGHT AWAY so you can plan your Camaro order accordingly, where ever you buy your car.

Just another way I SHARE THE CAMARO LOVE! :patriot:

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This is the full spec sheet released, and the only "non-speculation" information available (other than a few tidbits released in the webchats that followed the official release).

Oh, and Welcome. :D
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