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Good morning Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends -- (and all Pace Car Lovers......)

On behalf of the Central Indiana Camaro Club --- it's our pleasure to announce THE Camaro/Firebird Event of the year --

>>INDY BASH 2008<<

More details to follow, but we can share with you:

>Historic Chevy and Pontiac Pace Car display

>Chevrolet Ride and Drive Activity -- take a spin in our new products.......

>Free Concert

>Saturday Evening Banquet

>Lap Around the World Famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway

>Spend time with the friendliest people on the Planet -- Camaro-Firebird Enthusiasts from across North America!

>Several VIPS from General Motors will be on-hand

>Charity Raffles and Auction

...........and much more to come.........

All Camaros and Firebirds are welcome AS WELL AS all Chevrolet and Pontiac Pace Cars.............

You do NOT want to miss this show.....(wink - wink)

We'll be sending you more details after the first of the year -- along with website information where you can register and learn more about this terrific event --
A list of Hotels will be provided at that time as well.

Meanwhile -- MARK YOUR CALENDAR for September 19--21 in Indianapolis, Indiana..........

Cheryl Pilcher - Camaro Product Mgr. (aka Fbodmother)

John Fitzpatrick - Camaro Mktg Mgr. (aka Fbodfather 2.0)

Dave Rynard - President - C.I.C.C. (aka Indy Dude)

Scott Settlemire - Chevy Shows and Exhibits (aka Fbodfather Classic)

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Actually..if I don't mind being covered in pet hair I might be able to stay with my aunt and her husband...if I stay there for all 3 days or so. :p


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I'm thinking about driving my Camaro, but thats a long drive for ET streets. The furthest I have drove on them is from south of Nashville to Bowling Green for the Fbody reunion 2 years ago.

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if we go I think were going to fly down..

Well. it looks like its about a 90% chance were going. We are going to fly down. So anyone want to pick us up? ;)

Z Fury since you live there. Think you can give me some clue to where I should fly in and hotel? Closest to the event?? What hotel is most of the guys staying at?

And last..anyone have a Camaro I can borrow for that weekend? Maybe I can ask Michael Bay to borrow Bumblebee!

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Reservation at the Holiday Inn is set for 18th leaving the 22. Should be a blast.

Registration is going out in the mail tomorrow!!

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From a posting on

Hello, don't post here much, but I am the treasurer and member of the CICC...

Here is some info you guys might like to hear...

General Motors, Chevrolet Division and the Central Indiana Camaro Club would like to announce an exciting new development in the Camaro world. We have now been authorized to release information that the new production Camaros will be in attendance and unveiled at the Indy 08, Back at the Brickyard Event in September. The car will be unveiled at the event and many different models/engine combos will be available for the general public to review. Expect to see many different color combinations as well.

The 'Back at the Brickyard' Event will be happening in Indianapolis Indiana from September 19-21, 2008 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hundreds of Camaros, Firebirds, and Pace Car owners will be in attendance to celebrate the unveiling and enjoy this historic event. GM Dignitaries will be in attendance as well to discuss the design, engineering, marketing, and accessories for this new model of Camaro. Vendors will also be on hand displaying their products.

For more information on this event, please visit

We look forward to seeing everyone there!!
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