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I've been doing some research and some planning and came to realize the car's original plans would not be accomplished on my $500/mo pay. :rolleyes:

Seeing how the car is not for daily driving, I've decided...or thought about, scrapping my plans in favor of much simpler, cheaper plans.

I've decided to not replace the interior and keep it gutted. I actually like the look; it's growing on me. Once the interior is completely gutted, I will look around for a used 700R4 tranny. Shouldn't be more than $200, once the tranny is home I will send it to my mechanic for a tune up and tranny swap.

I paid $1250 for it, not putting more than $1000 to get it road worthy. If I can't complete this plan, I move onto Plan C. (Camaro Receives The 355)

Any advice or ideas would be helpful, I like to change my mind a lot.

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Write down your plan.

Write down how much it is going to cost.

Multiply that by 3.

That is your budget.

Stick with it until it is done.

Than enjoy.

Definitely do it in phases, if money is an issue.
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