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The Transformer Camaro

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I started a discussion about this car on my blog.

Checkout these pics.

Specifically this one:

That looks like a new Camaro Interior to me. There may be more to this car than is being divulged.

Saleen Inc said the info on this car was confidential in a call I made to them earlier today.
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Gonna be a 5th gen owner said:
I work 3rd shift and sometimes I forget to try to fit all of my thoughts in one post sorry. I am not looking for an award for the most posts because that is far from my reach for one thing and another is I have a life besides this page! I just want the quickest resource available to get my 5th gen.
We're just giving you a bad time :nutkick: :cool:

obviously very confidential - but its a movie prop, not a production version! that interior looks like it uses pontiac GTO (holden monaro) bits in it! I recognise the cluster needles & headlamp switch!!

It is probably a camaro body & interior over a current has a pretty rough looking interior - but i guess they'll be using computer generated animation to make it look awesome in the movie!
cool! we will see a rebodied gto some a mustang for sure!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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