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The Whiteside Customs SEMA RX Twin Turbo

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Flew out and custom build the twin turbo system using Borg Warners new EFR turbos and our RX Super Chiller system for turbo applications.

Car turned out just amazing. :thumbsup:

Anyone considering a single or turbo system contact us for custom n=built systems turn-key
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Yes, as always. At the moment the car is being parted out and returned to stock so Whiteside can sell the car and be done with it. It never worked worth beans.

The build was a complete disaster and embarrassment and was smoking so bad they had to push it into the LVCC and then wipe the oil off of the undercarriage as best they could.

Tracy wined and dined the owners out in Orlando only to have his CC declined.

This guy doesn't know anything about FI other than a turbo makes it go vroom.
No I'm just hoping this can be moved into the current RX thread.
Hmmmm is right. Please tell us the truth about this build and why it dropped off the map so suddenly. It wasn't because the "car turned out just amazing". now is it?
Still waiting........
So I guess I showed my true colors by telling the truth?
I just want to point out that I dropped my 04 Silverado RCSB 4.8 5MT off at Whiteside Customs on February 2nd the day before the Super Bowl to have them install a Maggie TVS 1900, long tube headers, cat delete Y/midpipe as well as paint and install street scene roll pan. I picked it up exactly one week later and drove it home to MO from Dallas. No issues and have not had any issues since save one. CEL came on after I filled it up with some crappy 93 with ethanol. Cleared it and it came back on a few hundred miles later put ethanol free in and on the way to O'Reilly's to scan it, the CEL turned off and has not been back on since. I gained 137RWHP and 201RWTQ running 6#'s of boost on their dyno. This shop does solid work and does not take 4-7 mos to knock out a FI build.
That's how a normal speed shop operates.

True Colors.
Sadly project SYN R G was the only v6 we ever attempted with FI. we spent 5000 dollars having custom rods and pistons made for the motor. In all we spent close to 50,000 on that car only to get a turbo kit that blew so much oil in went through a quart of oil in 5 miles. And no that's not a typo. I install roughly 15-25 superchargers on cars a year. From Magnuson, pro charger, vortech, you name it. I've also done several twin turbo systems including one of my old personal builds. I had a TT gto making 533/517 on a little ole stock bottom end ls1. That "kit" that Tracy installed on SYN R G was the worst piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen. I've been in this business for nearly 15 years. I've been through all the early years of ls1 development when we had to "make things work". I've seen some of the worst work I thought I'd ever see in those days until I saw Tracy's kit.

So the question is why are we just now speaking out. When we started project SYN r g we were a young shop. Even though I personally wasn't new to the performance world, no one knew who whiteside customs was. I was afraid people would look directly at me as a failure. So I just kept quiet. At the time everyone thought Tracy was a god and the king of v6 FI. And no one could say anything against him. The few people who contacted us about FI on the v6 we tried to warn them in very nice ways about Tracy. If we could save anyone the heartache we went through and money we lost its worth it.

Now it's been 3 years since we started project SYN R G and frankly all involved have lost interest and we've all moved on to other projects.

So that's what happened. We are now parting out project SYN R G and moving on and hopefully putting all of this behind us. The car runs great without the turbo kit. And it handled bettervthan anything I have ever built. I'll miss the car and wish we could have proven the concept but it just wasn't meant to be I suppose.

Hope that explains it. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer.
True colors.
And part of the blame can be pointed right at C5. When ever anyone mentioned anything negative C5 would either remove the post of ban people. Brilliant!!!!
I never had any issues on c5 until I purchased an RX SC kit. It sucked and I tried to say something and was silenced. Kinda goofy but hey that seems to be the way they were doing it. I know they don't want the drama but the culprit was the guy they were taking money from all along.
All the moderators on camaro 5 have been bought. It's a good ole boys club. Whetherm it's with free or discounted parts or just preferential treatment at events and what not. That's just how the auto industry is. Everyone knows its not what you know but who you know. It's just much much more so in the auto industry. And then you have forums where it's all about the clique mentality. Everybody wants to be one of the cool kids. And you can't say anything about someone who is viewed as one of the in crowd.
I guess. Too bad a lot of guys who SPEND the money with the vendors got burned. Had I known about the sticky on Mafia Motorsports I obviously would have never sent RX a dime. Back then the mentality among most of us was "the big boys like Hennessey and Lingenfelter are just ignoring us LLT guys and Tracy is really helping us V6 guys.

Little did we know he was peddling rainbows and fairy tales and the LLT V6 crowd was simply the next group he could take advantage of. Unfortunately with the help and cover by some mods on a forum.
I totally get where Envy is coming from. My wife sniffs out Dbags within the first 10 secs of meeting them. Lol. In this area women seem better able to check their bravado at the door and figure out the correct move.

However, when you have an entire forum enabling what essentially is a con man then a lot of us stupidly fell for his sales pitch.

I think the issue here is I was told turnkey. In fact I waited for a few of these kits to go out just so I would not be experimental. Mine was very experimental. No real instructions wrong parts, an experimental tensioner, a never used before "tweener" pulley. There was a brief moment right after I received it and started going through it with my hack backyard installer and listening to him comment about how s****** the welds looked and questioning the design of the tensioner and looking at the incomplete instructions where I thought about just sending it back. Had I done that however I bet I'd still be asking for a refund.

My kit made my car run like a clunker. My installer is to blame though even though none of his kits work worth 2 squats. Even if ran it sub 10's I wouldn't have enjoyed the car.

A guy once told me you can never too much about someone you're about to buy something from or do business with.
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