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The Whiteside Customs SEMA RX Twin Turbo

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Flew out and custom build the twin turbo system using Borg Warners new EFR turbos and our RX Super Chiller system for turbo applications.

Car turned out just amazing. :thumbsup:

Anyone considering a single or turbo system contact us for custom n=built systems turn-key
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Okay...I'm kinda curious many successful FI projects have you completed on the V6 Camaro Mike?
Honestly...I have a hard time understanding how all this happened to so many people. I investigated FI for my V6 over 3 years ago and it wasn't that difficult to come to the conclusion that if I went that route my car would be a test mule and I know that if things go bad a performance shop WILL NOT be responsible for a car owner's financial losses. I was particularly interested in having TTs since I already had a SC'd Mustang...but once I found out that Jay Leno with all his money, mechanics and GM's engineers couldn't make it happen...I knew there wasn't any performance shop that was gonna make it happen for me.

Then I had a conversation with Tracy Lewis on the phone when I wanted to order my catch can from him and we discussed several things including MAF sensors and he didn't seem to have any understanding on how they actually worked. Since I was pretty much a newb myself at the time...I brought our discussion up here on the forum...but I never mentioned his name because he was a sponsor at the time...and several people confirmed what I already thought which was the person I had the discussion with wasn't that knowledgeable...yet Tracy kept insisting that I was the one that didn't know what I was talking about.

Not only blowing them up but catching fire and killing people and he has the "links to prove it"
Did you ever even bother to ask for those links?

I would think that the company he says is blowing up cars and killing people would have a great "libel & slander" lawsuit against him! LOL!
Did he ever mention the name of a company?

I don't want or mean to be harsh here...but do you guys believe EVERYTHING someone tells you? I am by nature (it comes with a doubter...I want to believe what people tell me...but life has taught me to be smarter than that so I research everything...and if the story doesn't check out...I walk away. And I certainly wouldn't use ANY performance shop without checking out a few references first.

(I thought it was pretty professional he didn't bash other shops to gain a customer).
This quote came from another thread but I wanted to use it here because ANY shop owner that uses this kinda tactic to gain business is blowing smoke up your ass. A good performance shop is kept busy by doing good work, gaining repeat business and referrals from happy clients. They have NO NEED to knock other people's work so they can jack their clients. I think this is the biggest RED FLAG of all when it comes to any kind of business but especially performance shops.
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