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BAD DAY 20 years ago today/tonight. We were making last minute preps to weather the arrival of Hurricane Hugo into Charleston, SC. Actually, we were living in Summerville, SC at the time.

While "officially" Hugo didn't land until 12:01 am ET on the 22nd, the winds/raiin and destruction started on this day in 1989. A day that I'll never forget. In the eye, it was so weird, it was dead calm, and you could look up and see the stars. Then when the wind picked up, it picked up fast. REAL fast. All the trees leaning to one side during the first part of the storm got pushed back the other way on the backside. This usually tore them out of the ground if they weren't snapped off like toothpicks about 15 feet up. We had to survive over a week without power and with the tree damage, we were trapped in the community for a couple of days. We were lucky to be on a power grid that the food stores and gas stations were on down the street, otherwise our power priority would have taken weeks if not months. I think I got some old pictures somewhere...I'll have to see if I can dig them up.

If anyone's ever gone through a major hurricane, you know how bad is sucks. It truly did sound and feel like a freight train going by 2 feet from the outside the house windows. We were lucky. VERY lucky. Our damage was minimal. But some were not. When I saw what Katrina did to New Orleans (before the huge flood), I could empathize with their pain. Hope nobody ever has to go through one this bad.

And with the path it took, it was felt all up and down the eastern seaboard. Some of you east coasters may remember...some were still crapping yellow...

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