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alright here's the dish, i work at Sears Auto Center ( i actually quit and my last day is tuesday, got a fine dining food serving job) but this is whats up, some guy with a 02 SS Camaro came in for tires, 270$ a pop i priced him at. and they are 18 or 19 inch rims??? i 4get, but like i really hope GM puts an decent sized tire on there so when i decide to replace mine im not paying 1200$ for a set of tires. like 20 inch rims i think will be too much for the car. like not just being big but purchasing tires will def kick someone's wallet.

just my .02 cents.
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i believe that most parts for this car are going to be somewhat expensive until it becomes a 'common' car again. thats just what kind of car we are looking at. if it has 19's, fine. by the time the tires need replaced 19s should be alot more common. hopefully it will be at least a few years before they need changed...
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