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Shes, 2011, B/B LT1/RS Vert.
Born (I believe in) Mexico.
Got her two months ago (finaced), from a tiny Dealer in Idaho, she came from Texas an went to Nevada for a while, the Dealer had her listed as a LS1/RS, Im not sure she is but shes got some upgrades from the factory that my Frost didnt have as a LT1.. Tho she wasnt a RS as well.. Like the spoiler, Eagle eyes, fog lights, aluminum rims or the sharks fin, from what I can remember some of that stuff isnt RS related.
Right before buying, I had issues with the check engine light poppin up, when I took her for a test drive, the dealer verbily agreed to fix the emissions because it threw a Cat.. Code, they replaced both an now.. the code P2099 (o2s need replaced), the 2nd cylinder is runnin to rich, they are dragging their feet to replace all four o2s (I drive daily at least 100 to 200mils).
Also Im hearing break pad squilling & the steering wheel tends to shake bad at faster RPMs.. (warped rotors & bad pads) & lastly everything thats rubber or cloth, has some kind of damage an needs repaired or replaced an tiny dings at the doors from others openin them, some scratchs an rock chips an skuffs plus some kinda gray/white specks of over spray that someone didnt cover or pretect as the other car got painted and curb damage to the four rims.
I bought a few goodies, so far.. To help tempar.. to bandaid a few issues.. Floor mats, seat covers, inside pass door handel, a pad kit, trunk & hood struts, a trim remover kit, body paintless repair kit, a upgraded rotor/pad kit w/drilled an notched black roters (not sure if the girl has rear drums?), custom graphic rally stripes, cold intake kit an muffer delete kit an a few small things.. shes tapped me out for now & will be required to be done later as im waiting for them, I have to wait anyways, as my new shop hasnt been finished an my traylor, was just delivered a few days ago an I have a ton of work to be done on my new place/ home & shop, thats gonna need a ton of money, so Ill have a lot of questions or updates as things keeps goin or work in progress and Ill try to keep each subject of my stuff in the correct areas, so im not upsetting the Camaro gods loooool or being as much as a post h*re/pain in the rear as I use to be (some times) loool 😁
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