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Transformers 2 - Cars revelaed at Chicago Auto Show

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Sweet video :cool:

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Hmmm, wonder if the family would know I took off and drove up to the show. Much more there than the St. Louis show.

i wish i was there
It's a little garish in real life.

But my Lord you can't beat those fender haunches.

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I don't care what you think that stingray looks GOOD:)
sorry... but yech on the new 'vette?? it's not a ferrari... what's up with the styling, it sort of looks like a stingray, but not really...

edit; possibly the ugliest grill ever put on a vette too..
My WORD, but That 'Ray is GORGEOUS. Abspositively beautiful.
This is kinda spooky -- sound hasn't been working on my Tablet for a couple of weeks and I couldn't find the problem (everything "looked" OK and I decided to worry about it another day.) It didn't work about twenty minutes ago. When I ran the video above, sound!!! :D

I think that is a sign that GM is gonna build that StingRay and I am cosmically obligated to buy one...
It's a little garish in real life

But my Lord you can't beat those fender haunches.
Makes me think of a car that never happened of yore, the DeLorean designed 1964 Pontiac Banshee prototype:

Too bad Pontiac is in no position to bring ideas like that from the dead, in spite of the incredible similarity to the Corvette Stingray that came out later.
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