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Transformers Bumblebee exposed again

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Pictures of this thing are becoming as hard to come by as Tom Cruises' future nutjob baby :lol:

Here is the latest:

Here is another recent pic I have up at

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Check out the November Hot Rod issue for more about this car and the relationship w/ Saleen..Pretty interesting stuff..They are also doing a survey on what options we would choose if they were available.
Thanks - I'll check that out.

*Edit - October is still on news stands, guess I'll have to wait a few weeks.
I double checked this again today thinking I might have had a pre-senior moment and it was the November 06 issue of Hot Rod...I might borrow and scan the article in as they had quite a bit about the new 5th gen and the Bumblebee car..The article mentioned the car could burn rubber down to the cords..Now if that doesn't get your blood flowing that you need to get yourself to your local ER!
I live in Phoenix so it might be possible that the mag has not made it back east yet....
If you have a subscription, you may already have the November issue, post up a scan :D
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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