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Transformers DVD Easter Eggs

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I saw these posted on today, I do not think they are already posted here:

1.) At the main menu, select "More Than Meets The Eye".
Scroll down and select "Trailers".
Scroll down to "Trailer 4" and press the right arrow key on your remote. It should make a symbol appear to the left of the "Main Menu" option. Select it and it will play a short behind-the-scenes video and a deleted scene. It involves the Xbox-bot ripping the dress off of a woman.

2.)Select the "Our World" option.
Scroll down until you get to the "I fight Giant Robots" option.
Press down one more time. It should have a symbol to the left of the "Main Menu" option highlighted, press select.
It'll play a short video of a fake commercial for an Alternators Tracks figure that has Micheal Bay's head.

3.) At the Main Menu, select the "Their War" option.
Scroll down to "Inside The Allspark" and press the left key on your remote.
Again, the symbol to the left of "Main Menu" should be highlighted, select it.
It'll play a behind-the scenes video about a deleted scene where Megatron pulls Michael Bay from an SUV.

4.)At the main menu, select "More Than Meets The Eye".
With "From Script to Sand: The Scorponok Desert Attack" option highlighted, press up.
Symbol to left of "Main Menu" option again, this time it plays some casting call videos for dogs that auditioned for the part of Mojo.

5.)At the main menu, scroll down to "Set Up" and press left.
A Decepticon logo should appear at the bottom of the screen. Press select and it will show you the DVD credits.
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Those were cool, just finished checking it out.
very cool was trying to find them on my own but now just going to sit back and watch :D
i'm kinda poed they didn't show BB transforming from concept to robot very clearly
well there is always the next movie ;)
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