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Transformers: The IMAX Experience

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Its official, Transformers will be on IMAX September 21 in a special extended edition for IMAX.
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nice!!!! i checked my local IMAX theatre and said nothing about it. But i can't wait :)

nice find
The closest one to me that is showing it is the IMAX theater at the Navy Peir in Chicago.
Oh ****, this movie would be AWESOME at IMAX. :thumbsup:

I guess I may be making a trip to Navy Pier myself! :D
Maybe that's what we need to do... A group for those in the Chicago area to go see it. Bring you best Camaro too.:cool:
That'd be awesome. :)

Though I hate going into the city lol.
Maybe one of the IMAX screens in the burbs will have it showing too.
****, the same theater I saw it at Friday has IMAX there, we have two others within a half hour drive as well - this will be on the schedule no doubt :cool:
I can not wait to see this movie on IMAX.
SWEET! WE have three Imax theatres in Houston and the last one I called said that SHE just received an email via IMAX and September 21 they MAY be coming to Houston!

I'd like to see the movie on IMax.

I'll check the Indy and Cincy schedules.
I'd like to see the movie on IMax.

I'll check the Indy and Cincy schedules.
I live closer to Indy and they won't be showing it. **** you Harry Potter:mad:
yea I hope the IMAX here gets it..well one of the 3...
IMAX in Detroit opens this Friday 9/21

Anyone local want to go sometime?
The Navy Pier in Chicago is doing a special midnight showing tonight for Transformers.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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