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Transformers to DVD 10-16 - Win a Bumblebee

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Marketing Support:

Paramount Home Entertainment will support the home video debut of TRANSFORMERS with one of the biggest media campaigns in the division’s history. The multi-million dollar blitz will include television, print, radio and online advertising reaching a four quadrant audience. The expansive campaign also will include a viral marketing program in which fans can go online to customize a message for their friends from OPTIMUS PRIME and send it via telephone or email. In addition, an array of high-impact displays will be deployed to retail locations across the country. Promotional partners including Chevrolet and Hostess will also extend the TRANSFORMERS message to millions of people.

Each TRANSFORMERS DVD will include an insert alerting consumers to Chevrolet's "The Bumblebee Camaro Sweepstakes". Beginning October 17, 2007, fans can enter to win one of three customized Chevy Camaro cars styled after the TRANSFORMERS AUTOBOT BUMBLEBEE at The sweepstakes also will be promoted with a wide-reaching television, print and online advertising campaign that will further extend the DVD messaging and excitement.
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Oh snap.

A contest to win a Bumblebee Camaro!!!??!!!


Me will enter. :D
I've been waiting for the REAL official Camaro website to return. :)

They've done an awesome job on it so far, can't wait to see what Chevrolet's uber webmaster geeks have in store for us next. :cool:
Just get a hybrid player that plays both HD DVD and Blu Ray.

Problem Solved! :)
Yeah, the contest prizes are production Camaros. :)
They're not giving away the movie props, those are worth too much money hehe.
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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