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What going to be your choice when the time comes.

  • Base

    Votes: 5 7.7%
  • SS

    Votes: 36 55.4%
  • Z28

    Votes: 24 36.9%

Trim Model Thread

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How about a vote on the model of choice, regardless of hardtop or vert.
I like to see how the cars vary on this forum, when we all make the buy. Since we dont have an real info on whats in store for models and what they offer; I set the terms, and people can vote the car using the terms

Base: V8 (L76 or LS3, bare bones)

SS: LS3 with GMPP Drag options (short shifter, lower rearend gears, and drag springs,CAI, tune)

Z28: LS3 with GMPP Roadrace option (carbon fiber hood, strut tower brace, road track springs and shocks, ram-air, CAI, and tune)
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What, no inlet like on the concept?

Speaking of police interceptors..I wouldn't be surprised if they get some G8 interceptors. Cops like sedans, easier to get the badguys in the backseat.

Seeing current cop impalas is kinda funny...FWD cop cars? That just ain't right.

goteamcamaro..I get a red X for that picture.
They used to have some cop Camaros around here. They used those when they REALLY needed to chase down some speeders. Whenever I saw one of those sitting on the side of the road waiting for speaders...I slowed down relatively quickly. I knew better.

The other day I saw a cop in a unmarked Escalade pull someone over.

I want imperial blue metallic (dark blue..mmm..) with black stripes..and a black interior. That would make me happy.

I better see the console instrument cluster SOMEWHERE. And it better be an option for the base V8 or I'm clubbing a seal, twice.

Octane said in a earlier thread that the console-gauges will be available as optional extra gauges. I just want them to be available on the base V8 ;).

1 - 7 of 62 Posts
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