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TVS 2300 Belt Advice

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I am trying to solve belt slip problem which was evident on the boost readings at my last dyno session. I am currently running the gates K060947 (length is 94.67 in.) and just installed a 3.4" pulley and the JRE super tensioner. I have a 6 rib system with the stock balancer. The picture below shows how much room I have before the tensioner hits maximum travel (~3/8"). Is anyone running this same setup? If so, what size belt are you using and how much travel remains? 3/8" seems a little low and it gets down to about 1/8" when the engine is revved. I tried to install the next lower size (K060945 @ 94.51 in.) but I could not get the belt on. The current K060947 belt has about 4k miles on it and has been ran with the 3.8 and 3.6 pulleys. Is it possible the belt stretched and a new K060947 belt would be shorter? It is just hard for me to believe that the K060945, which is only about an 1/8" shorter, would be impossible to install. Or maybe I am just weak :(


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My solution was a Gator Grip SC pulley. It is a billet piece that is machine knurled for extra grip. Unfortunately it came from a vendor that is now in some hot water and somewhat questionable right now... I too tried the shorter belt and couldn't get it to work. I don't have the JRE tensioner so you may have some luck with moving the idler on the Maggie as it is adjustable to possibly get the shorter belt on.

But hit up the interwebs. There has to be other mfg'ers out there. :thumbsup:
I adjusted the idler as far as possible towards the passenger side when installing the belt. Are there better idler pulley setups available?
The method I was trying to use was to let the Maggie idler go as loose as it could (drivers side), which gives more room to slip the shorter belt on, but my tensioner (stock) didn't rotate far enough to get the belt on. Maybe with your JRE unit you could get it done? Then put tension back into the Maggie idler...

Let me know if that works cuz I may then get the JRE unit for the heck of it.
Actually, now you got me thinking. I can't really recall whether the idler was pushed towards the passenger side or driver side when I installed the belt. I think I'll try again tonight using the smaller belt making sure the idler is toward the driver side as you say. Thanks for the advice. :thumbsup:
NP. Please let me know if you are able to get the shorter belt on. :thumbsup:
BOOGERS! :mad:

But at least now I know. :) I didn't wanna spend the $ on a JRE tensioner only to find out what you just verified for me.

I highly recommend trying to find a "knurled" pulley. I have no slip currently...
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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