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Twin turbos are great

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A while back i got the Granatelli twin turbo kit i went from 350hp to 645 rwhp
This car is not even the same car anymore i cant stop smiling when i drive this car around town from the out side this car looks stock the only dead give away is when I am driving the car the turbos whistle

here is it all complete with cover
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thanks i sold my old motorcycle to get it because i have back problems

sounded like a good sell to get this whit turbo kit
:5thgensteer: that what it looked like the first time i drove the car i was not ready for that much power
Do you have any pictures of the install?! How about where both turbo's are located? Maybe some before and after pics?!

BTW- Where are the turbo's installed? I thought for sure we'd be able to see some pipes on the picture of your undercarriage in your other thread. Am I missing something?!
No i do not have any install pictures, the turbos are mounted after the headers the reason you cant see them in my other thread was because i didint have the turbo kit on yet but here are some pictures a link of pictures of there kit on there engine

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1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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